July 13, 2017

Living by Success Fundamentals with Mary Bosiu – #038



Advocate Mary Bosiu is a well-renowned Motivational Speaker, Trainer and Author of three inspirational books. Her extensive work on personal development issues has earned her awards for four consecutive years. She has, on many occasions, been invited as a Guest and Keynote Speaker in high calibre corporate events locally and internationally. Her burning passion for a holistic development of fellow human beings has enabled her to design and facilitate several seminar programs focused on Service Excellence, Leadership Skills, Stress Management, Financial Wisdom, Team Building and more.

In This Episode, You’ll Learn:

  • How to be successful
  • How to improve people’s lives
  • How to develop the skills of training people
  • How to begin a speaking career
  • Lessons she learned about the consequences of not sharing
  • Core fundamentals of success
  • The importance of appreciating your people
  • The importance of respecting and loving yourself
  • Her daily routine that helps her motivated
  • What are the key success factors
  • The importance of developing your people first
  • How to be successful and happy

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