July 20, 2017

Branding on a Shoestring with Kim Speed – #040



Kim Speed is an experienced branding expert, a graphic designer, author, speaker and workshop facilitator. Kim is the owner of Purple Moon Creative, Brand and Marketing Boutique where she helps startup companies and small business owners to become visible to their prospects, and to turn those prospects into clients. Kim’s passion is to help business owners find the clients they love to work with and turn them into loyal fans.

She educates and teaches them that getting brand clarity and focus will build a strong business and increase their profits. As an entrepreneur and business owner, Kim realized that the creative part of building a brand could only be successful if the business had a strong brand strategy. She began to focus on providing the service of brand development to her clients and could see that they were getting results immediately. Kim now teaches business owners and entrepreneurs how to find their true brand and to use it to attract more leads and customers.

In This Episode, You’ll Learn:

  • The difference between a brand and branding
  • The 4 simple steps to follow when creating your brand
  • How to lay the foundation for what your business stands for
  • Why brands are about creating relationships
  • How to identify your ideal client
  • How to create a business that will attract the right people
  • How to create customer loyalty
  • How to close the sale with ease
  • Why is branding important in a business
  • Some examples of a brand with great value
  • The importance of your relationship with your clients
  • Why you should figure out your competition
  • Making others your greatest brand ambassadors

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