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#034: Up the Ladder In a Skirt with Maggie Georgopoulos


Many of you who listen to this podcast are somewhere on the path of transitioning from being employed to creating your own company. Maggie Georgopoulos was there not too long ago. She worked in the male dominant field of engineering. But she followed her purpose and her passion and today she’s doing something she loves! Maggie’s story is a true […]

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#033: How to Fund ANYTHING with Marybeth Haines


In this episode, we turn the tables! Marybeth Haines interviews Scott! Marybeth supports Black Card Books authors in the implementation of marketing strategies & strategic partnerships using their published book. She helps them fund their book and to use that as a marketing tool. In episode, Marybeth and Scott talk about that and how to use Strategic Partnerships to fund and ANYTHING ELSE! […]

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#032 Understanding Business Development with Cody Jones


So, what exactly is Business Development? And should I use it in my business? The answers … It’s one of the most lucrative ways to grow your business and YES you should have a Business Development program in your business. Business Development can also be Strategic Partnerships or Joint Ventures. Basically, it’s two companies working together to help each other. ALL businesses, from tiny to massive, should be creating these strategic partnerships to grow. To teach you how, I brought in my good friend Cody Jones who runs Business Development for Zapier. He’s done deals with major companies like Facebook and Google, but also understands the day-to-day life of an entrepreneur.   In This Episode, You’ll Learn: What is business development Difference between business development and marketing The importance of giving your partners more than you receive Ways to generate leads Effective ways to get free marketing for small business How does Business Development work Rules for strategic partnerships How to structure a partnership How to recommend the product of your partner How to maintain good relationship Tips for small businesses owners to form strategic business partnerships Things you should know about a Potential Business Partner Tools and resources for entrepreneurs and startups Why he chose Zapier Ways to increase revenue through a partner channel What does a business development person actually do Why partners need complementary strengths How to make sure you are communicating enough with your partners What it’s really like to work from home with kids The importance of discipline and routine How to make it work from home Multiply Your Business Podcast Subscribe on iTunes & SoundCloud Mentioned in the Podcast Book: Remote by Jason Fried Follow Cody Jones Facebook | Twitter | LinkedIn   Music:  

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#030 Creating & Building Value with Sexy Boss Heather Havenwood


Nearly every successful entrepreneur I know has a story of hitting rock bottom and building their way up again. Heather Havenwood is no exception, but her story of success will teach you how to deal with adversity and overcoming hard times. Heather can be found in TOP entrepreneur publications Huffington Post: 50 Must-Follow Women Entrepreneurs in 2017 Amazon Best […]

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#028: Speed Selling with Andreea Michalcea


For entrepreneurs, selling is a MUST-have skill! We’ve brought in an expert to help you sell more effectively. Andreea Mihalcea is the author of Speed Selling: The Fast Track to Double Your Sales without Sacrificing Who You Are. Andreea’s approach is, “We don’t serve until we sell.” In this episode, Andreea shared her #1 tool that […]

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#021: Living an Ambitious Life with Greg Rollett

Greg Rollett - Multiply Your Business Podcast

This episode’s guest is one of the smartest marketers I know. His name is Greg Rollett and he’s the founder of Greg has been featured in Mashable, Fast Company,, the Huffington Post, AMEX’s Open Forum, among others. Oh, and he has an Emmy Award! Yes, a real Emmy! In this episode, Greg & I talk about how to get […]

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#016: Creating Meaningful Relationships With Deb Turton


I was FASCINATED with the stories Deb Turton shared in this episode. Deb grew up on the Australian Outback as a Gypsy. After marrying she lived in many different countries. She and her husband built many successful businesses. All the while, she’s learned countless lessons, but perhaps that most impactful was in creating meaningful and lasting relationships. Deb & I […]

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#015: Clarity and Branding with Jena Rodriguez


In today’s business world, it’s all about getting noticed. And getting noticed for the right reasons. One of the core ways to do this is branding. As you’ll learn from today’s guest, Jena Rodriguez, branding is WAY more than just a good looking logo and website. It start with the core of what you do, why […]

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#012: Winning At Life with NFL Star Rod Smith


Whether your a fan of American football or not, you’re going to LOVE this guest. Rod Smith who is a two time Super Bowl Champion with the Denver Broncos. Rod has an amazing story from a rough up-bringing, to NFL stardom, to running multiple successful businesses. Rod is all about one thing … helping others. EVERYTHING he […]

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#005: Corporate Renegade To Entrepreneur Christine Gallagher On Coaching And Leverage


I’ve dubbed this episode’s guest the “Corporate Renegade, Turned Entrepreneur“. My guess is that many of you could be called the same! You’re in good company here. Many entrepreneurs start out in the corporate world. Christine Gallagher did just that! What she learned was leverage! How to leverage other resources to help her build her business. In this episode, […]

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#003: Habits, Winning with Facebook, and Speaking with Justin Devonshire

Justin Devonshire - Multiply Your Business Podcast

Imagine this … you’re young, good looking, in shape, incredibly smart and running a successful & lucrative business! Oh and you live on Cyprus, an island in the Eastern Mediterranean Sea. Sounds nice, right!! That’s the life of this episode’s guest, Justin Devonshire. He runs several business around leading and training entrepreneurs. I asked Justin to be […]

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