July 27, 2017

Dave Woodward from ClickFunnels on Social Media & Rapid Growth – #042




I’m a big fan of ClickFunnels … and not just because their software is great. It’s also because of my appreciation for the “cult”-ure they’ve developed and the people they are. In less than 4 years, they’ll go from birth to a company generating $100M of annual revenue.

Dave Woodward is the Chief Business Development Officer for ClickFunnels. He’s a sales & marketing wiz and is one of the main reasons for ClickFunnels rapid growth.

In this episode, Dave reveals his secrets to creating a killer culture and how his unique style of social media has generated millions for ClickFunnels.

We also give you a few funnels that speakers, coaches, authors and entrepreneurs are using to rapidly grow their businesses. You can download those here.

In This Episode, you’ll also learn:

  • How to use Social Media properly to attract the right customers
  • How to build a culture for your brand
  • How ClickFunnels started
  • How important social media really is to a business
  • Why to offer education online for free
  • What you should be tracking with social media (it’s not likes & followers)
  • Choose the right social media platforms to use
  • How to get things done
  • And SO much More!


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