July 25, 2017

How to Earn While Your Learn with Jochen Siepmann – #041



Jochen Siepmann has been working in the Finance Industry for more than 20 years across Europe and Asia in various management positions. As such he is well versed with numbers, people management and investments. He is now an investor, trainer, mentor and author of two books

After his successful corporate career, Jochen has turned entrepreneur and launched his own training and coaching company. His main focus areas are Peak Performance and Property Investing programs.

In his powerful book, The Property Apprentice: How to EARN While You LEARN, Jochen shares the basics with you on how you can start building up a passive income even if you have not done it before and have only a small starting capital available.

There are many financially successful people and you might either admire or envy them – why instead, don’t you join their ranks? By modeling them you can achieve what they have done, too – you only have to know how. Let me show you. – Jochen Siepmann


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