June 27, 2017

#037: Using Email Marketing To Build An Audience with Jared Kimball


One of the things I’ve struggled with most as an entrepreneur is building an email list. So I asked my good friend, Jared Kimball to help me out. Jared is the Manager of Marketing Programs for Infusionsoft.

In this Episode, Jared tells us that:

“Building an audience is like working out; you cannot just imagine it, it takes work.”

“The key to building an audience is consistency.”

“Be willing to face a little bit of rejection.”

In This Episode, you’ll Learn:

  • How to build a list using email marketing
  • Why you should focus on list building
  • How to use a blog as a lead generation tool
  • How to leverage a blog and social channels
  • How do they leverage groups that bring traffic
  • How to sell to audience
  • How do you get noticed
  • How do you get the traffic
  • The secret of 40% Creating the content; 60% Promoting the content
  • The keys to writing a blog post
  • Why did he choose the blog as his media platform
  • How to figure out what people want
  • How to create an experience that stands out from everyone
  • How to build and keep the trust of your subscribers
  • Setting of expectations to your audience

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