March 16, 2017

#034: Up the Ladder In a Skirt with Maggie Georgopoulos



Many of you who listen to this podcast are somewhere on the path of transitioning from being employed to creating your own company. Maggie Georgopoulos was there not too long ago.

She worked in the male dominant field of engineering. But she followed her purpose and her passion and today she’s doing something she loves! Maggie’s story is a true inspiration and loaded with steps on how you can do the same!

In This Episode, You’ll Learn:

  • The meaning behind the title of Maggie’s book (Up the Ladder In a Skirt)
  • How to thrive as a woman working in a male dominant field
  • How and why she started as a consultant
  • How to climb the leadership ladder
  • Why she feels the calling to work with women
  • Why she wrote a book
  • Why personality is very important
  • How traveling to different countries has helped Maggie
  • What is her belief about leadership
  • What is her training and development program
  • The importance of self-image
  • What made her decide to work in the business
  • How she started public speaking
  • How to follow through your actions and promises
  • The best advice she ever received

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