January 12, 2017

#022: Creating Authentic Relationships with David Gonzalez



In this episode we’re joined by Super Connector David Gonzalez!

David is the Founder of Simply the Coolest which is an Affiliate Management Agency and the founder of the Internet Marketing Party.

He’s genuine, smart, and full of great ways to Multiply Your Business!

David has successfully taken his connections and turned them into an authentic and profitable business.

He’s made a career and finding ways to help people and to be of value. In this episode, we talk about a ton of great ways for you to multiply your business by:

  • Using actionable ways to build stronger relationships
  • The questions David loves to ask people when he meets them
  • How he built a company around building relationships
  • The book you must read if you’re struggling with money
  • Why he’s called the super connector
  • About his biggest motivator & strength
  • Why he likes people that are doing interesting things
  • The importance of building deep bond of trust and respect
  • The importance of bringing value to people
  • How he introduces people to people with High-quality connections
  • About how he wants to have a good meaningful conversation
  • The meaning of Networking strategy
  • The importance of being so connected
  • How he negotiates and sets up deals
  • The importance of building lifelong relationships for mutual benefit, and profits
  • How he pulled himself out after being broke
  • What was his motivation
  • Why he was addicted to big deal chasing and what it did to him
  • How he built a network of amazing entrepreneurs
  • How he started the largest monthly marketing event in the world
  • How he leverages natural strengths, with his clients, while serving the world and profiting

We also talk about his Internet Marketing Party program, which I highly recommend you be a part of!

Have a notebook handy when listening to this episode!

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