January 4, 2017

#020: Finding Your Purpose, and Shutting the Duck up with Pete Cohen



Shut the Duck Up! No, I’m not swearing. The ‘duck’ is the name that our guest, Pete Cohen, gave to the voice we all have inside our head. So, how do you shut the duck up?!?!

Pete Cohen is a life coach, public speaker, TV presenter and bestselling author of eleven books about making positive life changes and weight loss. He works as a peak performance coach for world-class athletes. Pete is well known for his regular morning TV appearances on GMTV and BBC2’s Confidence Lab.  As a life coach, life strategist and human behaviorist he works with people to create positive change in their lives. On top of that, Pete’s a personal friend and someone I look to often for help with improving my life.

This interview is FULL of tips, ideas and inspiration.

Things like:

  • What stops people from getting what they want
  • How to create financial freedom
  • Why people do not want to take chances
  • How to take risks
  • The importance of being prepared
  • Why you should finish what you started
  • His two fundamental beliefs
  • Keys to being successful
  • How to increase confidence
  • The importance of knowing what you want
  • Feeling Uncomfortable Is the Key to Success
  • Why Entrepreneurs Need Self-Confidence
  • Steps to Becoming a Better Version of Yourself
  • Create a big enough why
  • Monitoring your progress
  • Practical Tips on How to Get Unstuck and Move Forward
  • The Power of Delayed Gratification
  • What it means to be a hero
  • How to find your purpose
  • What the true test of an entrepreneur is
  • Why his coach told him he was a lot like Jesus
  • Why you should begin with the end in mind
  • His advice for writing a book
  • The story of Pete’s wife Hannah defeating cancer
  • You can make a difference in everything you do
  • Why Pete believes that everything happens for a reason

Oh, and you’ll learn about the Blind Cricket League! Who knew?!?!


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