December 21, 2016

#016: Creating Meaningful Relationships With Deb Turton



I was FASCINATED with the stories Deb Turton shared in this episode.

Deb grew up on the Australian Outback as a Gypsy. After marrying she lived in many different countries. She and her husband built many successful businesses.

All the while, she’s learned countless lessons, but perhaps that most impactful was in creating meaningful and lasting relationships.

Deb & I cover a ton in this episode including:

  • Things that helped her for who she is today
  • What it’s like growing up as a gypsy
  • Gypsy life from the outback
  • Different multiple countries she lived
  • Things she learned from the people from all the diverse places
  • How to evaluate your thoughts
  • What she does every single day to help her improve herself
  • How to have breakthroughs and recover from a ton of relationships
  • How to have deep and meaningful relationships with people
  • The importance of being an adaptable person
  • Know that there is always something more coming
  • There is always something more to learn
  • The enriching experiences from different countries
  • What it’s like having the world as your neighborhood
  • What is the difference living between developed and undeveloped countries?
  • Understand that you don’t know what you don’t know
  • How to bring your A Game to every encounter and inspire others to do
  • Dealing with Cultural Differences in a Relationship
  • The importance of being resilient
  • Understand that if there are areas in yourself that you don’t like, CHANGE IT
  • About her role in Black Card Books
  • How she met Gerry and JG of Black Card Books
  • To take the path to work hard in your genius and in your flow
  • Function according to your gifts and strengths
  • To stop and see what is not working in your life and in your career
  • How to bring out the best in others
  • The importance of putting love in whatever you do
  • To identify your areas of opportunity
  • To accept that life is not easy and how to deal with it
  • How her life in the outback prepared her for where she is right now
  • The best advice she received

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