December 12, 2016

#012: Winning At Life with NFL Star Rod Smith



Whether your a fan of American football or not, you’re going to LOVE this guest.

Rod Smith who is a two time Super Bowl Champion with the Denver Broncos.

Rod has an amazing story from a rough up-bringing, to NFL stardom, to running multiple successful businesses.

Rod is all about one thing … helping others. EVERYTHING he does is to help other people be more successful.

We dive DEEP in this interview, covering a ton of different topics, but with one main theme … helping YOU achieve what you want.



Multiply Your Business Podcast



There are over 7 billion people on the planet, why would you let 1 ruin your day?

In This Episode, You’ll Learn:

  • How he had an incredible NFL career even though no team wanted him in the beginning
  • It’s what you believe that matters, not what ‘they’ think
  • Why lack is a great motivator
  • Why to this day he still strives to be a role model for his family
  • How pain drives and motivates him
  • The difference of running towards something vs. running away from something
  • The question he asks everything business person he meets
  • The importance of creating wealth 4 generations deep
  • What he teaches his grand kids about money and success
  • Why he’s still driven today even though he has plenty of money
  • The lessons he learned from playing football that’s helping him still today
  • The tactics he used in practice to ensure success in a game
  • How always proving him to stay in the NFL for so long
  • Which mega famous celebrity drives Rod today
  • How to get up everyday to chase what you want
  • How a team that already won a Super Bowl still has the drive to win another
  • Why a culture for a company or team is the most important component
  • The question to ask your kids about failure
  • How helping people is the driver behind everything Rod does
  • The incredible story on how one of Rod’s product helped his daughters health
  • Why writing a book dug up emotions and helped his life grow

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Former Denver Broncos wide receiver Rod Smith is named as the 23rd member to the Broncos Ring of Fame during half time of the Broncos game against the Houston Texans at Sports Authority Field at Mile High in Denver, CO Sunday September 23, 2012. John Leyba/The Denver Post