December 7, 2016

#010: Theresa Barnabei Shares a Simple Formula to Getting What You Want



If you’re a listener to this podcast, then my guess is you’re interested in being successful. Our guest for this episode is just that … successful! Theresa Barnabei is a seasoned professional with a massive track record of success within the Real Estate world.

From an early age, she decided she would have the freedom in her life to do what she wanted, when she wanted to do it. Through her entire life, she’s never lost site of that goal. She’s always been determined to achieve freedom, which she has.

On this episode, she teaches you how to do exactly that same thing!



Multiply Your Business Podcast



 Just do one thing a day on your goal and you can’t help but achieve it.

In This Episode, You’ll Learn:


  • What she attributes her success to
  • What happened to her in the 7th grade that still drives her today
  • One of the best methods I’ve ever heard on how to be successful
  • Theresa’s blueprint and formula on how to get anything you want in your life
  • A simple definition of success and how to achieve what you want
  • What the comedian Jerry Seinfeld did to be successful
  • What you should work on every day and the question to ask yourself to keep you focused
  • Why she chose to write a book
  • What she tells other professionals about writing a book
  • How a book helps with lead generation
  • The workshop she leads that teaches Realtors how to have an unlimited supply of leads
  • What she learned about herself as she wrote her own book
  • How to get inspiration to write your own book
  • The advice Theresa gives to first-time authors

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