November 28, 2016

#006: Adventure, Accepting Payments, and Crushing Your Goals with Brad Weimert



Today’s guest is truly one of the most interesting people I know. He’s visited Cuba, cycled across the United States, hiked Machu Picchu and scales the side of mountains for fun.

Oh, and he built a company based on passive income that’s thriving and growing. This allows him to live life on his terms. He created a business that serves him and not the other way around.

Meet Brad Weimert … a big-time adventurer who also happens to be an expert on credit card processing and accepting payments for your business.

Brad believes that:

Deep relationships are built – and thrive – in unique situations.

He has  TON to share with you on this episode.

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Some of the questions I ask:

  • Walk through all the moving parts of credit card processing? (4:50)
  • How should business owners and online merchants, should be protecting themselves? (9:49)
  • What are some of the reasons people can dispute a transaction? (11:57)
  • What are some of the things that you should be looking for or who you want to process? (17:58)
  • So if rates are down the list what should we be asking instead? What’s more important to look at when selecting a payment processor? (21:13)
  • What does it mean to be a self proclaimed adventurer? (36:20)
  • What psychology helped you ride 100 miles a day? (44:25)
  • How does staying in shape help you in the business world? (47:48)

In This Episode, You’ll Learn:

  • Minimizing risk in credit card transactions (12:22)
  • How to avoid disputes when accepting online payments. (16:04)
  • The difference between PayPal, Stripe and Merchant accounts (21:28)
  • What Brad’s life is like as a self proclaimed adventurer. (36:20)
  • How fitness helps in business. (47:55)
  • What the Passion Test book is and how it’ll help you. (55:48)


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