November 21, 2016

#003: Habits, Winning with Facebook, and Speaking with Justin Devonshire



Imagine this … you’re young, good looking, in shape, incredibly smart and running a successful & lucrative business! Oh and you live on Cyprus, an island in the Eastern Mediterranean Sea.

Sounds nice, right!!

That’s the life of this episode’s guest, Justin Devonshire.

He runs several business around leading and training entrepreneurs.

I asked Justin to be on the podcast to talk about a few different topics. One of my favorite parts are the specific habits EVERY entrepreneur and business owner should apply. These all but guarantee you success!

Also, you’re going to learn how to WIN at using Facebook as a tool to build genuine relationships.


Multiply Your Business Podcast



Some questions I ask:

  • Did you always want to be an entrepreneur (05:56)
  • How much has fitness helped you be a better entrepreneur (10:08)
  • What are the habits you follow to help you be successful (12:58)
  • How can business owners spend more time servicing their clients and less on trying to get more clients (19:52)
  • Do you accept friend requests from everyone on Facebook and should you use your personal page or your business page on Facebook (31:28)
  • How can someone book their own Public Speaking gigs or put on my own event? (48:42)

In This Episode, You’ll Learn:

  • How you can be success if you are ‘very unemployable” (5:58)
  • How to have more mental endurance to help you run your business (11:21)
  • The five key habits Justin teaches to teach entrepreneurs to avoid getting overwhelmed (13:00)
  • What he does every every day to keep his business on track (18:01)
  • How to create content-rich Facebook posts people will actually want to respond to (24:22)
  • What your ultimate goal should be on Facebook (30:45)
  • How Facebook Ads are working for him (37:11)
  • How much money Facebook makes every day in advertising revenue (46:43)
  • How you can learn how to launch your speaking career (53:05)

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