November 21, 2016

#002: Gerry Robert on How To Stand Out From The Crowd



Gerry Robert is the Founder & President of Black Card Books.

In this episode, we cover a TON of different topics. Things like Gerry’s journey from broke to earning millions, a simple but powerful exercise you can do that almost ensure your success, and how to write and publish a book that brings you a flood of clients.

I love Gerry’s candor and thoughtfulness. He’s super smart, while being very caring and emphatic. He’s a great storyteller and I think you’ll really enjoy this episode!


Multiply Your Business Podcast

Some questions I ask:

    • With so many people that look to be a professional speaker, how did you get to the point where you are doing that on a full time basis (05:47)
    • What can people do to be incredibly successful (13:22)
    • How did mindset help you or what role has mindset played to get you to this point? (29:38)
    • If I’m a business owner, how can I make time to write a book? (38:23)
    • How can I get my leg up on a competition? (40:58)
    • What are some of the doors that have opened because you wrote a book? (43:24)

In This Episode, You’ll Learn:

  • The story of why Gerry was called an idiot, even though he was making a great living. (08:40)
  • How to help people think so they are successful. (10:15)
  • What wealthy people have big libraries vs. what broke people have. (14:25)
  • On how to dream big (24:50)
  • How to write your book (38:47)

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    I play this episode any time I need a boot in the pants. The more I listen to Gerry, the deeper his message hits home. I’m like teflon though, so the heat can fade in the cauldron of life. I’m a dufus like that so am not ashamed to share the truth – let Gerry boot your butt too, when you need it!